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Who we are


In 1999 the partners already ownws Bilbo Berri Auto S.L., Renault dealer in Bilbao, but they decided to set up Leioa Berri Auto S.L. with the aim of covering the territory of Uribe Kosta, released after the bankruptcy and closure of the concessionaire in the area.

In 2002 and as a consequence of the restructuring of the network, the partners remain at the forefront of Leioa Berri Auto SL. They concentrated their efforts on increasing the brand’s penetration in the area, greatly weakened by the situation inherited from a bankruptcy that caused a very strong brand image deterioration.

In order to catch up with the market and brand requirements, a quality and environment division is created, obtaining the ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO 9001 (Quality) certificates maintained to date.

In 2009 we started our online presence with our first website. Years later we have 7, one for each service (concesionario Renault y Dacia, Vehículo de Ocasión, RentaCar, AutoGas, Vehículos eléctricos, Karabaning) plus the corporate one. Also, we have a marketing team, made up of 3 people, who try to make them as accessible and intuitive as possible.

In 2010, once the company was economically and professionally consolidated, the new, young and dynamic management opted for growth by setting up a RentaCar (vehicle rental), which currently has a fleet of more than 45 vehicles, industrial and passenger cars included.

In 2011, we became certified technicians in LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) facilities and even assembled, with Repsol, a pump at our facilities available to our customers, with the intention of promoting the transformation of engines to LPG gas.

In 2015, we decided to continue with the diversification of businesses, and we got into caravans and motorhomes repairment. For the development of this new activity we had to make investments to expand facilities and staff, buy specific tools such as a thermographic camera for humidity etc. and forming the team, which currently leads this highly complex line, due to the variety of fields it touches: gas, electricity, electronics, accessories, coatings, showers, toilets, kitchens, refrigerators, tv, GPS, etc.

In 2016, we made a qualitative leap, which was very important to our society, introducing ourselves to the world of sustainable mobility. We settled in the Zamudio Technology Park to carry out this activity, adapting to new mobility technologies: electric cars, charging equipment, renewable energy, charging management, etc. We have the necessary experience and knowledge to advise any company that is committed to the electric vehicle. Just like us since 2010, the date when we acquired our first electric car. Until today we have been focused on this issue.

The awareness of this company about the environment is clear. We have 16 electric cars to distribute parts and customer movements. Also, they are used as a company vehicle for department managers and in RentaCar. Likewise, the personnel can use Renault Twizys for their movements to the workplace, and the company facilitates the free charge.

This year 2017, following our philosophy of sustainable company, we have placed an installation of solar panels and storage in batteries with a monitored balancing system, which will help us supply 4 fast chargers for our electric vehicles without raising the contracted power.

In addition to betting on sustainability, the philosophy of this company takes the NER (New Relations Environment) as a model and also enhances its relationships with suppliers in the environment, prioritizing their proximity to price, as a source of common enrichment.