In this post we present the 2020 Profiled Ilusion 690 xmk motorhome.

The Zaragoza brand continues to grow rapidly in the Spanish and European market. Its excellent quality, typical of premium segments, with mid-range prices is convincing even the most demanding customers. The use of materials such as the Krion®, created by Porcelanosa, its spectacular bathrooms, curved ceilings, metal interior fittings or recessed aluminium windows are some of the great features of these Spanish-made vehicles, let’s not forget the great finishing touches either!


  • The depth and breadth of the shower. Enjoying a shower in our motorhome, without space restrictions and without having to worry about splashing outside the shower tray, is not within the scope of many vehicles. Those who are tall or broad will particularly appreciate the Ilusion’s shower area.
  • Large twin beds that can be joined to make a large double bed
  • Reinforced polyester Ceiling, 33mm thick anti-hailstone material with a unique Ilusion mounting system, which automatically contracts and expands in response to external temperature change to prevent cracking.
  • Slightly curved roof to prevent water ponding.
  • 3 Fiat Engine options, 140hp, 163hp and a 180hp with automatic transmission.
  • 16 ″ rims as standard across the range.
  • Storage area with Metal floor fitted as standard.

Illusion Warranty

The new building techniques guarantee the quality mark. No need to worry about water ingress in our motorhomes is essential.

The most important fact for Leioa Berri Karabaning is that being a Spanish manufacturer, spare parts are usually delivered within 3 days. This guarantees that Leioa Berri can provide quality after-sales service. It may seem insignificant, but anyone familiar with the world of motorhomes knows the typical delivery time of spare parts. There is no other brand nowadays with such a rapid distribution service. One must not forget that we normally take a month’s holiday. Imagine we had a small knock and needed repair work while on holidays. It would be no joke if we ended up upsetting or even abandoning our holiday because of an unavailable part.