Leioa Berri Karabaning opens their New Motorhomes Sales Department and Showroom.

As part of the technological evolution in Integrated Motorhome Servicing, we offer our customers everything under the one roof at Leioa Berri Karabaning.

We began to strengthen our position in after sales services seven years ago. Today, we are a service centre for:

  • Truma
  • Webasto
  • Thetford

Premium distributors for:

  • Dometic

Official distributors for:

  • Narbonne
  • Rhyme
  • Wheat

Our specially qualified service engineers have undergone hours of training for Leioa Berri Karabaning to earn the trust of leading brands. Our vision from the very start has been to build quality after sales service and then to develop a New Motorhomes Sales Department and Showroom.

The goal we have set for New Motorhomes Sales is also ambitious. We set to Build Customer Confidence. It is a reality that all motorhomes, regardless of brand, are hand built. Therefore, some minor adjustments are always required during the warranty period. At Leioa Berri Karabaning, we perform these adjustments immediately with no excuses or delay. The Leioa Berri Karabaning warranty covers both the engine and the habitation. As an integrated service provider, we do not subcontract any repair work, which enables us to provide top quality workmanship.

We are also specialists in fitting any accessory that your motorhome may need:

  • Gas, diesel or ethanol generators
  • Satellite dishes
  • Load amplifiers
  • Solar panels
  • Air conditioning or climatization systems
  • Rear cameras and multimedia equipment
  • Front and rear air suspension
  • Reinforcement springs
  • LPG gas installations
  • Lithium batteries

Any motorhome accessory that can think of we can install it for you. Trust the Leioa Berri Karabaning team for to your new motorhome or repair work.