After the mandatory confinement phase, Motorhome Rental stands out as the safest holiday option. Covid 19 has been changing our lifestyle for some time now and unfortunately will continue to do for some time even after the free movement of people becomes a reality. So why not rent a motorhome!

Travelling After Confinement

In this section we offer numerous reasons for considering this post confinement holiday choice:

  • A Motorhome allows you to enjoy your holidays while avoiding crowds and contagion.
  • Unlike a hotel, a rented Motor Home means you don’t have to share common spaces with anyone when you want to get to your bedroom.
  • Open natural spaces will be the best alternative holiday option which makes these vehicles ideal.
  • The reduced space of Motor Homes makes cleaning and disinfecting much simpler than bedrooms and apartments.
  • Specially trained experts have the necessary equipment and products to ensure customer safety.
  • Motor Homes have a kitchen and a fridge for preparing meals without having to use shared food establishments.
  • You don’t have to rely on bookings, weather or restrictive conditions. You can change destination whenever you like.

Health & Safety is Essential

It is key that you trust the specially trained experts, especially after this health crisis we have suffered. Motorhome experts are fully aware that thorough cleaning is what delivers quality motor home rental.

A new item has been added to the service quality check list: Disinfecting to avoid the spread of covid-19.

At Leioa Berri Karabaning, we know that the only way now is to take the health and safety of our staff and customers very seriously. In response, we have added a new disinfection procedure to our regular cleaning routine:

  • Complete vehicle disinfection using an ozone generator.
  • Vehicle cleaning with oxygen based disinfectants
  • Spray foam cleaning
  • Disinfecting with bleach based cleaners
  • All cleaning products contain cleaning compounds such as quaternary ammonia, peroxide, hypochlorite, etc, which act as a virucide, fungicide and bactericide.

The time between rental bookings will be de 4 days / 96 hours, sufficient time to ensure motorhome cleaning and disinfection and to give our customers peace of mind.

From May 14th, 2020, Leioa Berri Karabaning will offer 6 brand new Motor Homes to customers to safely enjoy their holiday. Visit our website to see conditions

You can also book by emailing:  or by phone 00 34 647603974