We can choose from a large number of accessories for motorhomes.

We have put together a list of some of the most popular motorhome accessories, which are categorised accessories by features and benefits:

Security & Safety

This section includes accessories that improve safety when faced with potentially hazardous failures while driving or when having to deal with theft.

  • Air suspension: improves driving significantly by enhancing suspension performance and braking distance. We can adjust suspension hardness to match our load to ensure maximum road adherence. We will notice a great improvement with wind and when overtaking trucks.
  • Snow chains: obviously they are mandatory in snowy conditions. We recommend snow socks which can be fitted and taken off in just 2 minutes.
  • Smoke & Gas alarm: for both smoke and gas to prevent intoxication and unwanted scares.
  • Burglar Alarm: there are numerous products on the market, from standard ones with door and window sensors that activate sirens, to modern alarms with GPS locators and mobile apps.
  • Rear Parking Camera: in addition to preventing us from damaging the bodywork, they can also prevent collision.
  • Monocontrol or Duocontrol: these Truma gas regulator systems have an inertial gas cut-off switch for gas in the event of an impact.
  • Internal and external security locks.

Useful accessories

In this section we have include accessories improve the vehicle performance. They are not compulsory nor do they provide security, but they make life easier for us.

  • Cabin darkening: They take away heat in summer and cold in winter, as well as darkening the vehicle at night.
  • Electric grey water emptying valve: for those who find it uncomfortable to bend down to empty the grey water tank.
  • Electric gas activation valve.
  • Habitation Air conditioning units.
  • External thermal protectors: for high or low ambient temperatures.
  • Electric or manual entry step: for easy access to elevated vehicles with elevated bodywork or high profile wheels.
  • Solar panels: to keep the habitation battery constantly charged.
  • 220v generator: there are petrol, gas, diesel or chemical ones to provide a 220v current in any situation.
  • Inverters: they provide 220v in limited conditions for short periods.
  • Battery Charge Optimizers – Dramatically increase battery charge in conventional vehicles.
  • Speed limiting regulators if not factory fitted.

Comfort accessoriest

Here we list motorhome accessories that give us extra comfort:

  • TV Aerials: from the standard DTT aerials to satellite dishes for watching foreign TV.
  • Manual or electric awning: for enjoying the outdoors in the chair when conditions allow.
  • Bike rack: allows you to transport bikes without using the garage.
  • Motorcycle carriers.
  • DIN 2: equipment including Navigators, Bluetooth, Radio and USB.
  • 12v kitchen fans: to remove odours when cooking.
  • Oven: a classic for lovers of hot bread and oven cooked dishes.
  • 12v microwave: whoever wants to heat up quickly has their accessory here.
  • Outdoor shower unit: a good invention to wash our feet when returning from the beach before entering the motorhome.
  • Outdoor gas connection point: for those who like to barbecue close to their motorhome.
  • Outdoor TV socket: watching TV under the awning in the chair is also a delight!


If you have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to send an email to info@leioaberrikarabaning.es we will be happy to help you. Many of these accessories can also be found in our online store.