Carrying out a motorhome service should be done at a specialised motorhome centre. An oil and filter change can be done by any car workshop, but there are a number of areas car garages tend to overlook since they are not used to working with this type of vehicle.

In this post we will mention some of the essential points to specific to our vehicles.


  • Brake fluid : a vital aspect that garages know only too well. Our vehicles are very heavy and any abnormality in the fluid can give us a hard time. Let’s imagine that we are going down a mountain pass. Typically, with motorhomes compared to standard passenger vehicles, we frequently keep the foot brake pressed for long periods of time which results in additional warm-up. Defective brake fluid can lead to a total loss of braking power. It’s no joke and the consequences can be serious. Blake fluid replacement is less frequent than in passenger cars so it is important that they are braking systems are properly serviced.
  • Antifreeze liquid : the fundamental thing is to remember we are using motorhome. If we are fond of skiing or high mountains we must consider or consult if the freezing point of the liquid that our vehicle contains is suitable for the outside temperature.
  • Engine mounts : the higher weight of our vehicles is also relevant in this regard. Higher vibration and traction that the engine blocks endure means we must have accurately compatible control mechanisms.


  • Lubrication of special chassis Alko or similar
  • Springs and stops servicing. This springs suffer more than in light vans and is more visible in rear suspension and tyre grip.
  • Air suspension inspection.
  • Standard or modified suspension.

The other aspects of suspension checking and servicing for motorhomes is similar to passenger vehicles. However, motorhomes have their own peculiarities and so it is advisable to trust motorhome experts to perform this task.

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