In this post we will assess the pros and cons of buying motorhomes locally or importing from another country.

All that glitters is not gold and everything from abroad is not all good.

Advantages of buying locally

  • We can verify mileage, service history and track repair history.
  • It is possible to establish the number of previous owners.
  • The seller provides us with a warranty which ensures us that the manufacturer will meet their obligations.
  • In the event of disputes, we have a local organisation that protect our interests.
  • The ownership transfer process is simple.
  • As the motorhome has been tested by the local seller, we will not find any surprises when the national road worthiness test is being carried out.
  • We can easily have the vehicle inspected by an engineer prior to purchase.

Disadvantages of buying an imported motorhome

  • Transfer of ownership is bureaucratic and complex.
  • While some accessories are legal in some countries, in other countries they could prevent your motorhome from obtaining a road worthiness certificate.
  • Depending on the vehicle year or quality certification year, it may not be possible to obtain a road worthiness certificate in Spain.
  • The warranty provided by the seller is often as good as none due to geographical distance or other complexities.
  • In Europe as in Spain there are no charities. Unfortunately, there are rogues everywhere and you have to be careful when buying.
  • You will have to pay the registration fee and costly import duty in Spain.

Other aspects to consider

  • Bargains in Europe are not to be trusted, there may be hidden surprises.
  • Dream bargains do not exist in Europe or in Spain.
  • It is always worth trusting a local expert, particularly with minor issues, let alone major ones. Vehicles are thoroughly inspected and their reputation and goodwill is at stake.
  • If you find a motorhome in Europe, it is best sourced through your local dealer, even if it costs you more. You have the assurance that the motorhome has been properly inspected and that the warranty will be honoured by the seller.